Terms of Use

By accessing the services, the users agree to the terms of use and are personally liable in the event of data abuse.

The basic condition for the right to use the GeoVITe service is your own university’s participation as an associated participant of GeoVITe. To use the underlying maps and geodata, the general conditions of the owners apply.

Free basic geodata (OGD)
Federal Act of 5 October 2007 on Geoinformation (Geoinformation Act, GeoIG) (RS 510.62)
Verordnung vom 21. Mai 2008 über Geoinformation (Geoinformationsverordnung, GeoIV) (SR 510.620) (only in German)
Verordnung vom 21. Mai 2008 über die Landesvermessung (Landesvermessungsverordnung, LVV) (SR 510.626) (only in German)
Citation (choose language):(DE) Quelle: Bundesamt für Landestopografie swisstopo / (FR) Source: Office fédéral de topographie swisstopo / (IT) Fonte: Ufficio federale di topografia swisstopo / (EN) Source: Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

City of Zurich:
Nutzungsbestimmungen Stadtmodell (only in German)
Citation (any language): Quelle: Stadt Zürich

These conditions are stipulated in the GeoVITe Terms of Use [pdf, 223kb].