Data Access

Data access GeoVITe

The data access via GeoVITe is browser-based. The datasets available can be displayed directly on the browser and (depending on the dataset) limited to individual layers, a particular resolution or a particular timeframe. The extract selected can be downloaded for further processing in your own GIS programme.

Video Intro GeoVITe [2:00min, mp4, 22mb, EN]
Video Share Lists via GeoVITe [1:21min, mp4, 8mb, EN]
Video Use of the integrated search function [1:10min, mp4, 9mb, EN]

Manual GeoVITe [pdf, 2.2mb, EN]

After the corresponding dataset (e.g. swissimage) has been found via the search function, the user follows the link and, after agreeing to the terms of use and authentication via SWITCHaai, gains access to the download service. The dataset selected (e.g. swissimage) is automatically added to the “active layers” and displayed.

Various timeframes can be selected for the data via “Time controls”. You can zoom directly with the mouse or by entering the desired locality in the search field (e.g. Zurich).

Additional datasets can be displayed (e.g. swissTLM3D rail lines). These are either sought via the search field or selected directly via “Select datasets”.

For the download, an extract (“extent”) needs to be defined (by selecting it directly with the mouse or entering coordinates). The selected datasets (“active layers”) are then added to the “download list” individually or altogether (“get all”). It is possible to save the download list or share it with other users.

The data excerpts can then be downloaded to your own computer from the download list in different output formats (default: ESRI shapefile) and opened and processed in any software programme (such as CAD or graphics editing software).